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I took a trip down memory lane today and started re-watching Densha Otoko with some friends. This was the first Japanese drama I ever watched. This was the one that got me hooked on one of my biggest addictions so far. Would it still be as awesome? Would I find it too aged? I have re-watched it once, but it was several years ago and a lot has happened in that time.

But when the Mr Roboto started playing it didn’t take me many seconds of intro scene to get goose bumps and feel the excitement rise. And when the real intro (Twilight) started after a few scenes I was close to tears.
Densha Otoko is a series (and also a movie) based on a book based on a chat. A super shy pushover otaku tries to save a pretty OL from a drunken old man on the train. When she later sends him a pair of expensive cups as a thank you gift he asks the help of the people in a chat room for single men to help him to ask her out. During the first episode he is seen being walked all over on by his co-workers, his boss as well as tiny (horrible) kids. It’s painful to watch since he’s such a nice guy. But he decides he wants to change and he draws strength from the people on the chat and the in turn become inspired by his bravery. In the second episode when he is trying to build up the courage to ask her out they are all keeping their fingers crossed and waiting excitedly for the outcome, and I find myself doing the same. Even though I have seen in twice before and know what will happen in the end my hands were firmly clasped as if in a silent prayer, body tense and my attention completely on the screen.
I guess I didn’t have to have worried. It is still an awesome series. And even more so now. Since the first time I watched it I have learned Japanese and studied Japanese culture, plus I have seen so much drama series that suddenly I understand a lot more of the references, I understand why otaku is such a bad word (and not as harmless as people here tends to think). So because of and despite my extended knowledge I still love this series. I highly recommend it. Now I just hope my friends will have time to come over soon again for the next episode.
Densha, I’m still rooting for you!

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