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5 icons meme

1. Reply to this post with 'sparkles!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

rheasilvia picked these five of my icons:

So let me tell you about them. Most of my icons are created in paint, by me, hence the low quality. ^.~  But I still like them. ^^

This is my default icon. Since I'm horrible at remembering to use the icons I have I wanted one that I could identify myself with most of the time. My previous default one was one that had followed me from an old forum I used to belong to and I keep it around and use it sometimes for nostalgic reasons or when I don't feel like my normal giddy self. But this one. When I first saw this pic of Subaru I knew I had to make an icon for myself of it. I have an old picture of myself taken in high school by a boy I had a huuuuge crush on. We took a photo class together and he claimed that this particular picture was very *me*. It's taken at the same angle and I have a slightly puckish smile just like Subaru. (Although he is so much prettier <333 ^^) But this one I use for pretty much anything mostly because I feel most comfortable with it.

My OTP! The quality on this one is horrible but I still love it. This is from an episode of Muchaburi where Subaru and Hina were showcasing all the things that made them my OTP in the first place. It wasn't them feeding each other but that part was a pleasant bonus! ^^ I love how Subaru looks so intently at Hina and tries to make him laugh and how Hina indulges Subaru to an extent I don't see him do with the others. So I used this one when commenting on Hina/Subaru fics but they are rare so I haven't used it much. And I haven't been out looking for it for a while either. Looking at this now it reminds me how much I've missed the whole Johnny's fandom that for me nowadays is reduced to one author and one fic, and it's not even Hina/Baru... ^^;;; *goes off to watch Muchaburi for the first time in over a year*

I always loved this particular episode of Shonen Club. And when I started reading rheasilvia stories I felt the need for an icon capturing this wonderful moment. I was going to use it when commenting on her stuff but I keep ending up using my default one anyway. ^^;;;

This is my newest icon. When I changed my default icon to Subaru I wanted to have other ones with him for different moods. I had picked him to be my face on LJ. And I've felt a lack for one that expresses happiness and super giddiness. All the pics I've found (in decent quality) either have him smirking, looking cool or the big smile looks forced and fake. Then the other day I was looking through the pics I have of Hina/Baru/Yoko and I found this one. I haven't used it yet but this is going to be my happy-icon because I think it looks like a big "Wohoooooooooooo!!" ^________^ If I find one of a convincingly giddy Subaru I might replace it though.

My second newest one. This is actually from a promotion poster of Madame Butterfly that is currently running at one of the operas here. (Anyone who wants to go see it with me ^.~) I love the anachronism of it and it's for general Japan-related discussions and anywhere I can squeeze it in basically. ^^
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