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I love language!

My absolute favorite comedian sometimes talks about language in his acts and at some point he mentioned that one of the things he loved about learning a foreign language was when you discover words that have no direct translation in your own language. You broaden your horizons a bit. I love this too. I have had a lot of those experiences with Japanese. (Although I also love the opposite experience when you suddenly find unusual and unexpected words that does have the exact equivalent.) Anyway, today I had one of those experiences, but not with Japanese. I learned a new word in German: schicksalsgemeinschaft. I thought it was such an awesome word. And the colleague of mine (who was born and raised in Berlin but moved to Sweden several years ago) was wondering if we had this word in Swedish since she hadn’t been able to find it. And I don’t think we have it. Which is a shame really. And a quick look at some translators forums told me that several (mostly de→en though) translators have struggled with this word. (I think one of the solutions they came up with was something like “companions in fate”.)

No real point in this except I got reminded of why I love learning new languages today and the wonderful difficulties of being a translator. ^^
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