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Punctuation FTW! ^.~

Yesterday I was out trying to find a birthday present for a friend and ended up in the last big book store in Stockholm. There I suddenly spotted a small book called Komma rätt, komma fel och komma till punkt. Intrigued I picked it up and found out that it was all about punctuation and I decided to buy it. I have not been able to put it down!
The book is based on an English book called Eats, Shoots & Leaves but is completely rewritten and adapted to Swedish. I had never heard of this book and a bit of googling told me that the reactions to the original have been varied and that it has received critique for having plenty of punctuation mistakes, despite being a book that calls to arms against bad punctuation.
My punctuation skills in Swedish are not as good as I would like (and in English they are non-existing), but a lot of the examples she uses are things that have bothered me too. So, until I have finished this, everything else I was reading is gonna have to wait. This is too amusing, interesting and nerdy for me to put down. I absolutely love it!



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