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Johnny’s Countdown!

It’s the first day of the new year and I finally got around to watching last nights Countdown. I probably should waited until my sister came home from Japan. It was quite depressing watching it by myself. We used to watch it the whole family together, and two years ago we watched it (on TV, but still live) in Japan. Still, it’s fun and sparkly so I just can’t stay away. ^^

But I miss my favorite groups actually performing together and there were too many little kids that really aren’t kids anymore. And some that still are which is why Sexy Zone completely freaked me out. Yuck!

Then KAT-TUN showed up and Ueda is a bleach away from looking like Gackt again (he seems to have settled for the haircut this time) which I found hilarious. And I almost mistook Junno for Mabo with that mohawk. They are also both pretty tall so I think I can be forgiven for that. XDDD

I’m not a NEWS-fan but it still seemed a bit sad to see what was left of them. But they still have Tego!! XDDD (I love his high notes)

But then, WTF!?!?! Why isn’t Arashi in Tokyo Dome. T.T I have gotten used to K8 being somewhere else performing, even though I hate it, but now Arashi too!

And then it was 2012 and Koichi’s birthday! <333

The non-stop medley is usually my favorite part, but without Arashi AND Kanjani 8. Also, I hadn’t seen TOKIO or V6 yet either. Booo! At least there was Kinki Kids. And I know that TOKIO always arrives late, so no reason to fret yet really, but still.

The little footage in the corner of Tsubasa trying to get to, I don’t know, I missed that part. Oh well, guess I was going to find out eventually.

I have to say though, Ryo as a girl, with red dots glued to his cheeks, is a vision that will haunt me. As well as the rest of them as vegetables! And then Yoko as a blender!!! XDDDD My poor stomach, I laughed sooo hard.

Wait was that Uchi?! LOL

And then. They arrived. IN BLIMPS!!!! TOKIOOOOOOOOOO!!! And I thought my heart would break when I heard the first chords of Sorafune. I wish my dad could have seen that.

Then there was Ai nanda but still no V6. But just as I thought that they finally showed up! OKADAAAA!!!! <333 I love them all!! But what had happened to Go’s voice I wonder…

Another visit to Kansai Crazyland… I don’t know if to laugh or feel sorry for them. Junno seemed to have fun with Musekinin Hero XDDDD I don’t know why but Believe always breaks my heart whether Arashi or anyone else sings it. Real Face still makes me think of people stuck in traffic having to use the bathroom… (Why? Listen to the beginning of the text). V6 singing Aisareru yori aishitai = <333333 Tsubasa made it! He reached Tackey!! LOOOOL That was totally adorable, and I’m not a T&T fan. ^^ But they played my fav of their songs!! ^_____________^ (Ho! Summer) Their flying seemed a bit out of control though…

Waaaaaaaaaaah! Close up on Higashiyama!! *faint*

Higashiyama and Koichi!! *faints again*

Higashiyama and Koichi and Matchy!! *doesn’t know what to do with all the squeeeeeeeeee*

And with V6, KAT-TUN and NEWS dancing. Now we’re getting to the stuff I like!! <33333

When Tsuyoshi, Nagase and Leader entered with guitars I actually started crying… And Family was beautiful.

Inocchi in traditional clothes, soooo cute!! (toshi otoko with Matchy and one of the kids)

And V6 got some extra members… LOOOOOOL

(commercial break announcing that Gackt will be back on the 3 h special of VS. Arashi, now that I won’t miss!!)

And then it was pretty much over. The number of commercial breaks they cram into the last few minutes of the program is amazing. And in between they just ask what the groups will be up to this year. Although I found Tsuyoshi’s joke about what Kinki Kids would do really funny. XDDDD (キンキラキンにさりげなく行こうかな)

I probably forgot a lot, but oh well.

In the end I still can’t help wishing for Arashi, K8, TOKIO, V6 and the others to all have shared a stage. I love when they start running around singing each other’s songs in new weird constellations. And Nagase should be glomping MatsuJun, or Koichi, or both. And stuff like that.