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Very Sherlocky days

I went to see the new Sherlock movie with Kuma last night. And today I finally got around to watching the first episode of the second season of Sherlock.

I had heard all sorts of things about the new movie. Everything from “I don’t like Robert Downey Jr” to “To much action” and what not, but I liked the first movie and I was really looking forward to the second one. And I found it a very enjoyable movie. It was funny and exciting and definitely worth going to the movie theatre to see. ^^ Actually there were moments where I found their responses to one another absolutely perfect. And Stephen Fry’s Mycroft was hilarious. I’m definitely re-watching this one as soon as I can get a hold of it.

The thing is, I never read the books and it was fairly recently that I watched Granada’s Sherlock Holmes, it was very close to having watched the first movie and the new BBC-series. Therefore I have very few "this is how it should be" when it comes to Sherlock. Maybe that’s a good thing, I know I can be very set in my ways when it comes to some things and this way I can enjoy all the different versions. ^^

Anyway, I also enjoyed the new episode of Sherlock. I have seen that several of my friends have been commenting on it already but I decided not to read what they had to say about it before I had seen in myself. Poor Watson seemed to be thoroughly jealous, it was almost funny. And I couldn’t help but kinda like The Woman. Maybe mostly for bringing that side out. XDDDD But as much as I love watching Sherlock’s and Watson’s relationship, their interactions and what not, I think my biggest moment of nawwwww was when Sherlock put his arm around mrs Hudson and said “Mrs Hudson leave Baker Street? England would fall.” Best moment in the whole episode. XDDDD

Am I weird for noticing the flower behind mrs Hudson and Watson when he’s cleaning her wounds is the same kind as the one I got my mother for her namesday? They are pretty but I have no clue what they are called and I hadn’t seen them before I got her that one (I’m so not good with flowers).

I think I want to re-watch Sherlock from season one soon again. The only memories I have of Moriarty from the first part are very vague and he didn’t make much of an impression on me here either. I guess that’s my biggest annoyance with this series, the super criminal makes such a feeble impression on me. Lurking in the shadows is one thing, but when he does have screen time, I don’t know… I just don’t believe it. Oh well, still, awesome series.