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July 27th, 2014

NärCon 2014

Just came home from the first convention I've been to in two years. Mixed feelings about it.
The convention in itself was awesome! But much bigger than I had thought. And spread out over a university campus. Having to walk across it in the worst summer heat was a bit tiresome and I didn't envy some of the coaplayers that were wearing heavier outfits. I had revived my old Shuuichi cosplay and also brought my Trafalgar Law. But I stuck with Shuuichi cause the shorts and the short top were rather nice in the heat and easy to change into clean ones every day. ^^ And this time I had dyed my hair instead of wearing a wig. Also nice!

I shared a hotel room with a friend which also upped the experience since we had really good AC in our room and it was nice and comfy in general.

The only thing that was a bit sad was how much I missed the old conventions and all the friends I used to meet up with and all the new friends I would make. Guess I feel like I'm getting old or something. Which is mostly because I have to get back to a job where I'm not so sure my hair color will be appreciated and my preferred clothing most definitely isn't. At university that wasn't a problem. So when the conventions ended they didn't really end in a way. There was a bit more of a finality to the ending of the convention this time.

At least I have a masquerade ball to look forward too soon. I intend to combine my opera interests with cosplay and go as Octavian from Der Rosenkavalier. ^^ I got super inspired by all the AMAZING cosplays! Not only the finalists i NCC (Nordic Cosplay Championship) but just really cool people walking around the convention. Lots of GoT and Frozen. There was a gyu dressed as Rob Stark and as he was walking across the convention site he had aquired an entourage of anime cosplayers in all the colors of the rainbow that had spontaneously started humming the intro tune to GoT around him. ^________^