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Star Trek - almost at the end

Last night I really should have gone to sleep because I had to get up before 5 this morning too and I'm still tired from the convention. But I was sooooo hyper, mostly after reading chapter 4, that the husband suggested an episode of Star Trek DS9 before sleep.

That was really stupid to agree to. Thing is, I LOVE Star Trek. I watched Voyager when I was a kid and I wanted to be like Captain Janeway. She is one of the few female role models that I had. When I was older I watched Next Generation on TV and I really liked that one too and some of the characters will always be dear to me. When the husband and I got our own apartment we started watching Voyager together from beginning to end at out lunch breaks (whenever I smell chicken satay I hear the intro in my head). I had never watched the end as a child and when it was over it felt really weird, I didn't want to say good bye. After this we moved on to DS9. I was reluctant at first because I had heard that it wasn't any good and stuff. Boy was I wrong! I loved it! Jadzia was almost instantly my favourite, I had such a crush on her. And then Worf showed up and I was overjoyed. I love Klingons, the husband claims that it's because I'm part Klingon judging from my hot temper and aggressiveness. And then they hooked up and I was almost crying (happy tears) when they got married. I've lived with these characters for so long now that I've begun to love them all and I could go on and on about what makes all of them so awesome.

We had to take a break from watching it when we moved in with my parents but we recently picked it up again and are now at the end of the last season. And this is where last nights episode come in. As I said, I was already super hyper, and the episode was soooooo awesome it had me jumping up and down and punching, pulling and shaking the poor husband as I almost tried to crawl into the TV... ^^;;;

I love Worf. But more than him, I love Martok. He's my hero. And when Worf challenges Gowron and wins, I was beside myself (is it just me btw or does Gowron resemble a puppy with those big blue eyes? a very evil puppy...). The scene that followed had me almost screaming...

                       What I have done... was for the
                       Empire... not for me. A new day
                       must dawn for our people... a day
                       bright with the promise of
                       restoring our honor and our
                       dignity. I am not the man to
                       usher in that day. But there is
                       a man here who can.

He takes the cloak from his own shoulders and goes to put it on Martok's shoulders. Martok stops him.

                       Worf... I do not seek the

                       Kahless said, "Great men do not
                       seek power, they have power
                       thrust upon them."

He puts the cloak on Martok's shoulders and stands back.


                       Hail Martok! Leader of the
                       Empire! Leader of destiny!

                       Martok! Martok! Martok!
                       Martok! Martok! Martok! etc.

As the warriors scream out his name and Martok realizes that he is now the leader of the Empire...

Not only was this the kind of scene that makes me shiver with repressed energy that threatens to burst out like a setting off a bomb or something, but Worf is quoting Kahless who PARAPHRASED MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE SHAKESPEARE!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* (Twelfth Night; or, What You Will Act II Scene V: Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em. I used to know almost the whole play by heart ^^)

Ok, now I got all that out of my system... I just wish I had some friends who also loves Star Trek. But the ones I have are pretty awesome anyway.


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Jun. 21st, 2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
LOL! I noticed that paraphrase too,m but I have to say it's not exactly auspicious to be crowned ruler with words by Malvolio, referencing Malvolio's impending rise to power. :-)
Jun. 22nd, 2011 06:20 am (UTC)
Hahahahah! You mean Malvolio's impending doom... And you're right off course. But it didn't keep me from squeeeeeing ^^

But since Martok doesn't seem to share Malvolio's nastier traits (even though he has some of his own) I do want to believe he'll do better. I always felt a bit sorry for poor Malvolio for being so dense he didn't understand what was going on. This has made me want to go rewatch it (Twelfth Night that is).
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