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Just saw that the clock just past midnight in Japan. That means it’s Ryo’s birthday and that it’s one week left to mine (if I lived in Japan. Here it’s more like a week and half a day left I guess…) ^^


Today we sent out the bill for the first official job we got! And right after that we got another one that’s due on Monday. So I’m still up working, but that’s ok! ‘Cause we’re finally getting somewhere!! ^_______________________^

Setsuna Sue

Work is really slow today (it was exam week last week so the students are still too tired to study and the library is fairly quiet) but since I can't leave my post I have been poking around LJ and I found this funny meme:

1. Use fanfiction.net's Search and look up your name in either Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.
2. If there are any Mary Sues that share your name, pick the worst-sounding one and post the summary.

Well, the search for Setsuna in LotR-fics generated nothing and there was only one HP-fic with a Setsuna that I could find:

AU fic, slight OC- Harry is taken right after Voldermorts attack by a strange and desperate man named Setsuna who teaches him the ways of the sword and other skill's.

Setsuna in not even a girl XDDDDD Wonderful! But I dare not think of what those other skills might be...


I remember when X-Files aired on TV here. I also remember being too young to be allowed to watch it. But I listened to the soundtrack an awful lot and from that and what I had heard about it I formed my own image of the series. (The Swedish name is even so deeply rooted in me that I accidentally use it even when speaking English with my husband.)
For a few years now Kuma has suggested that we watch it because he loves it and has like collectors’ edition DVD-boxes with the series but I was never that interested. Or rather there were too many other things that I was more interested in. By now I have realized that he picks really good series, getting me hooked on Supernatural (even though it has started to disappoint me, but that’s a different story), DS9, Enterprise and so on. So now that we’re done with Enterprise (I was gonna write about that too some time…) we decided the next one would be X-Files.
So far I have only seen a few episodes and I’m not sure if I feel like forming an opinion just yet. I like it, definitely, but I haven’t grown up with it. I have watched the series that followed in it’s footsteps first and that makes my viewpoint a bit different. It is very interesting though. I see where some of my favorite shows are the descendants from.
The things I like the most are usually the ones I’m most reluctant about in the beginning though so this show does have the potential to become a favorite too. ^^


Madame Butterfly

Sometimes it’s strange how one event leads to another. It started when I saw the poster for a new production of the opera Madame Butterfly and decided that I wanted to use part of it for a new icon. Then rheasilvia picked that icon in the 5 icon meme for me to tell about and in that post I asked if someone felt like going to the opera. chicasumi jumped at it and we rounded up sorhild, kirabikame and her bf plus my brother and his gf. We also decided that we were to go dressed in gothic/sweet/wa-loli dresses (well, not the boys). And last night we met up and saw Madame Butterfly together.
A night at the operaCollapse )

Ryo and YamaPi leaving NEWS

I just got an e-mail from a very upset friend in Japan (sometimes I think I shouldn’t check my mail at work). YamaPi and Ryo is announced to have left NEWS! I was like WTF?!?! First Jin leaves KAT-TUN (and I don’t find out until a long time afterwards because of rl) and now this... I googled around for Japanese news sites and apparently YamaPi is going solo and Ryo is going to focus on K8.

Now, I have never been a big fan of NEWS but it’s still making me wonder what’s going to happen now? I’m happy Ryo is focusing on K8 and that things are going so well for them but what will these big changes to what one thought to be pretty well established groups do? With the whole concept of Johnny’s I the long run? The older groups are celebrating their anniversaries and the younger ones are breaking apart. Is it going to shake the stability of future groups? I wonder if in five, ten or fifteen years there will still be groups that are like TOKIO, V6, Arashi and the others or if it’s going to decline from here. Will the newer generations survive when the call for solo success is so strong? Will groups only be a means to a future solo career? I hope not. One of the things I love about K8 for example is how they are as a group. The things they do as a group. The dynamics. The history.

I need to ponder this a bit more (and work, people are looking at me funny… my face is an open book). I can’t say I will cry because of their departure per se, but I am a bit worried about the future for my dear Japanese boy bands.


I love language!

My absolute favorite comedian sometimes talks about language in his acts and at some point he mentioned that one of the things he loved about learning a foreign language was when you discover words that have no direct translation in your own language. You broaden your horizons a bit. I love this too. I have had a lot of those experiences with Japanese. (Although I also love the opposite experience when you suddenly find unusual and unexpected words that does have the exact equivalent.) Anyway, today I had one of those experiences, but not with Japanese. I learned a new word in German: schicksalsgemeinschaft. I thought it was such an awesome word. And the colleague of mine (who was born and raised in Berlin but moved to Sweden several years ago) was wondering if we had this word in Swedish since she hadn’t been able to find it. And I don’t think we have it. Which is a shame really. And a quick look at some translators forums told me that several (mostly de→en though) translators have struggled with this word. (I think one of the solutions they came up with was something like “companions in fate”.)

No real point in this except I got reminded of why I love learning new languages today and the wonderful difficulties of being a translator. ^^

5 icons meme

1. Reply to this post with 'sparkles!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

rheasilvia picked these five of my icons:

So let me tell you about them.Collapse )


I took a trip down memory lane today and started re-watching Densha Otoko with some friends. This was the first Japanese drama I ever watched. This was the one that got me hooked on one of my biggest addictions so far. Would it still be as awesome? Would I find it too aged? I have re-watched it once, but it was several years ago and a lot has happened in that time.Read more...Collapse )